Dear Friends,
Mike Fogel

My name is Mike Fogel and I have been raising buffalo for over 46 years. I want to say “Thank You” for being a part of our buffalo family. It is truly a privilege and a gift that you have allowed me to do what I love best and that is to raise and perpetuate the American Bison.

I know what every animal is fed, how they are cared for and harvested. Our brisk mail order business demands that we process animals every week, thus insuring you the most freshly frozen USDA inspected meat. We handle these animals from conception to consumption. They are more than a business – they are our lifestyle.

You are a part of a growing population choosing to transition from beef to bison. You are probably already aware that using the bison meat in a healthy eating program is a triple bonus – high protein, no carbohydrates and barely any fat.

What this all means to you is this “I give you my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee on every order.” Now I can’t do anything about the costs of the front door delivery service you receive – they are what they are. What I can do is promise that your order will be hand packed in the best shipping carton and materials we can buy. We won’t compromise on the quality of your meat or the methods to get it to you.

Happy Trails,
Owner - Buffalo Gal, Inc.
Money Creek Buffalo Ranch