Buffalo herd As a part of the sustainable agriculture philosophy and in order to keep our product line diverse and extensive, Buffalo Gal strives to send our processing business to like-minded, small, family-owned and operated processing plants. Each has their own labeling program or method. We have refused to use the mass production, cookie-cutter processing plants.


  •  Knowledge of where my inspected meat products originated
  •  Exclusive DNA markings – not combined with numerous other animals
  •  All products are portioned and hand cut
  •  Award winning processors with distinct specialties
  •  No additives, hormones or growth stimulants
  •  Personal relationship with the butcher – we can walk in anytime.
  •  Customized meat (animal) selection – by meeting with the butcher, we can select specific animals which will be utilized for their primal cuts (steaks) and which for roasts, burger and sausage
  •  This process insures that you are receiving the prime meat from prime animals
  •  Our extra effort in using several processors allows us to harvest animals every week. This insures quick turn over for you to receive the freshest meat possible.

    "We hope that you will appreciate our attention to every detail associated with raising and processing our animals. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Thank you for your business."
    Mike Fogel, Owner
    Buffalo Gal, Inc.
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