Mike and Buffalo

In 1976, Mike Fogel took the first step in raising buffalo. He bought two buffalo yearlings, a bull and heifer, and from there the adventure began. Today, the Money Creek Buffalo Ranch is a thriving family business and a way of life. Although this is not the largest herd in the country, it is one of the finest quality herds you will find in America today. Years of experience, dedication, and attention go into the maintenance and care of these top quality animals.

Delicious and Affordable Bison Meat

Bison are raised as naturally as possible. Producers do not need to use growth hormones in raising these majestic animals. In fact, the U.S. government prohibits the use of growth hormones in bison.

Bison tastes great! It is flavorful, with a sweet and rich flavor. Bison is naturally tender and can be prepared much the same as beef without special handling.

Bison falls into the gourmet or specialty meat category at your supermarket or meat market. The value of bison is not what you pay, but what you get in return. Nutritionally, you are getting more protein and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat. Bison is a dense meat that tends to satisfy you more while eating less.

Bison meat is highly nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals, low in fat and high in protein. Research has shown that the meat from bison is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to its caloric value. Comparison to other meat has shown that bison has a greater concentration of iron and essential fatty acids.

For today’s health conscious consumer, buffalo is the natural choice for healthy eating. Discover for yourself why bison – America’s Original Red Meat – is becoming a leading culinary trend across North America.    

Buffalo Statue
Money Creek Buffalo Ranch

Share the Buffalo Experience
Money Creek Buffalo Ranch offers you a chance to truly share the buffalo experience. Take one of our ranch tours to see what it is like to be surrounded by these magnificent animals, shop in the gift shop for unique buffalo items, and see what the Native Americans have known for hundreds of years... buffalo meat tastes great! If you are interested in a ranch tour, contact us. Groups from 1 to 150 are more than welcome.

Start Your Own Herd or Expand an Existing Herd
Are you looking for top quality live animals to start a herd of your own or expand an existing herd? Whether you want good heifer calves or bull calves to start out with, top notch cows or breeding bulls to expand your herd, or quality butcher bulls, Money Creek Buffalo Ranch sells live animals all over the United States.

From conception to consumption, we know the true meaning of customer service. We are here to offer you products that appeal to your senses. We offer courteous support, and can answer any questions you may have about buffalo. Give us a call at (507) 896-2345, fax (507) 896-2284, or email us at info@buffalogal.com. We look forward to hearing from you!