Whole Bison Tenderloin - Grass Fed Bison Meat, Organic Buffalo
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This cut is exceptionally lean and incredibly tender. Fabulous served whole or slice into steaks for easy entertaining. 4 pounds.

Nutrition (8 oz.):
Fat: 4.8g, Calories: 260, Protein: 50g

Suggested Cooking Method:
Rub Salt and pepper all over the meat.  Sear all sides on hot pan, cover, add water and cook in oven (or crock pot) covered very TIGHTLY.  Cook times will vary but a close estimate is 40 minutes per pound at  275 degrees or on low in the crock pot.  Let meat rest on platter at least 1/2 hour before slicing.


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by Michael
Superior Steak
This cut of meat is far superior to any other. The meat is sweet, tender, and juicy. I cut the roast into small portions (4 oz.) and bag them separately. The loin goes a long way for two people.
by Jessica
one word....excellent!
Made for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it!!! Thank you Buffalo Gal!!!
by Bella
First I want to say this is such a tender tasty piece of meat. I followed the Suggested Cooking Method and although the meat came out tasting fantastic I ended up with a medium well-done piece of meat. I estimated my cooking time at 40 minutes per pound at 275 like suggested. I forgot to take into consideration that I was using a copper/stainless steel pan in the oven. In my case I believe that using the copper pan made the meat cook much faster. I checked the meat about 30/40 minutes before it should have been done and by that time it was already over cooked reading 172. This was totally my fault because I should have better estimated my cooking time using the copper/SS pan that absorbs and holds the heat better. The only reason I mention this is so if anyone is using this method they are aware and can prevent the same thing from happening. I will say that even though the meat was over cooked it was not a loss at all because the meat was still juicy, tender and extremely tasty. Hope this information can help someone else. If you’re wondering how good this piece of meat is? Wonder no more cause it is fantastic!!!
by jeff
Lip Smackin' Good
This roast is so tender juicy it really does melt in your mouth. You can't go wrong with this tenderloin roast. REORDER SOON.
by Gary
loin was exceptional
The loin was exceptional - I ended up soaking it in a brine overnight and then braised it in chicken stock and veggies for 2 hours. Although I overcooked it by 15 degrees it was magnificent. The only way to properly describe that cut is "Bison flavored butter."
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