Bison Burger Patties - Grass fed Bison Meat, Organic Bison Meat, Bison Burger Patties

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Reg. Price: $149.90
Our Price: $129.90
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10 lbs. of extra lean Bison Burger Patties. Your choice of 1/4 lb., 1/3 lb. or 1/2 lb. burgers. Thick and juicy. Unlike beef, there is little to no shrinkage. Try them at your next cookout! 100% Buffalo. Receive 10 (1 pound) packs.
Regular Price: $14.99/lb.
Sale Price: $12.99/lb.

Nutrition (3.5 oz.):
Fat: 2.42g, Calories: 143, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 28.44g, Cholesterol: 82mg

Suggested Cooking Tips:
Bison burger is lean (ranging from 93-96% lean) so when grilling or pan frying the burger - place it on medium heat - COVER. Allow the burger to do its cooking on one side. Don't poke, smash or continually flip the burger because you want to maintain all of the moisture and fat in the meat. When burger appears mostly cooked - flip one time and in 30-45 seconds it should be ready to serve. You might find that using a meat thermometer is helpful when first cooking the burger. It should reach 160 degrees internal temp.

Bison Burgers... so many options!


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by Larry
We eat red meat once a week - at this time it is ONLY "Bison Burger Patties". This is my second order of 1/4 Lbs burgers of 10pounds.
by Stephen
Weight loss
I started the HCG diet 25 days ago. One of the proteins you can eat is grass fed bison or I probably never would have tried it. It is delicious. I am eating the 1/4 lb patties twice a day. I am re-ordering more patties to finish diet(may 9)in addition, I am ordering some other cuts of bison to have when I am not on calorie restriction. I have lost 23.8 pounds as of this morning. I plan on continuing with the bison to maintain my weight loss. Thanx, Buffalo Gal!
by Toby Ratz
Buffalo Burgers
I was very skeptical about ordering. When I received my order, it was in excellent condition and tasted better than beef burgers. My family enjoyed it and will continue to from now on.
by Wanda
Bison Burgers are the Best !
The flavor and looks of these burgers are so appealing, like real unadulterated meat should be. I love the size, 3 to a pound, which provides a nice flavorful mouthful !! Follow the cooking directions and you will sure be pleased , this is an awesome bison meat product and may be used in other ways after thawing if just ground bison is used. Of course, nothing beats a rare bison burger tho !!!! I plan to enjoy mine !!! Happy summer.
by Carol
Heart Healthy Buffalo Red Meat lover
I love red meat, always have. After Quadruple bypass surgery a friend told me about buffalo meat. I found Buffalo Gal and purchased the ground meat. I found it to be excellent in color and flavor. It was so easy to cook with the cooking tips provided. Buffalo Gal will always give you the best customer service and work hard to fix any problems that occur from your credit card company's error. Since the first order, I have had the steaks, roasts and stew meat as well as more ground meat and patties. They are all so very excellent in taste. Thank You Buffalo Gal P.S. Health Food store brand buffalo meat does not measure up to this quality.
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